Health & Aging

big-feet-little-feetThere are a large variety of factors that contribute to foot pain, but the hardest-to-treat symptoms are typically a result of aging or health conditions. Years of standing on your feet can lead to loss of the natural cushioning in the padding under the heel and ball of the foot, causing heel pain, loss of natural arch support, bunions, and a variety of other ailments. Additionally, health conditions such as diabetes and arthritis can cause chronic foot pain that is difficult to get relief from.

Living with constant pain is not only upsetting, it can greatly impact your way of life—something which anyone suffering from foot ailments knows firsthand. Our QUICK TAPE® foot support strap can help alleviate foot pain caused by a number of health and aging related factors.

“I am 83 and love to walk, but have developed arthritis on the top of one foot, causing severe pain and swelling I could not walk without limping from the pain. I am now using the foot support strap, which seems to keep my foot aligned so that the pain is relieved. I would highly recommend trying these straps for any type of foot pain. They are amazing and I am so thankful that I found out about them.”Jan

Conditions the Strap Can Relieve

By assisting with alignment, providing constant support for the arch and keeping the pad of the foot and heal together during movement, the QUICK TAPE® support strap can drastically reduce foot discomfort and help prevent further injury. Learn more about the foot conditions and ailments QUICK TAPE® support straps will relieve:

Why Choose QUICK TAPE® Foot Support Straps?

QUICK TAPE® is an easy-to-use alternative for inconvenient and time-consuming foot taping. Our product custom fits to the shape of your foot and will provide arch support and proper foot alignment during all of your activities. By “binding” and supporting your feet in this way, you’ll take tension off the fascia and arch, instantly relieving pain. QUICK TAPE® support straps can significantly or even totally relieve foot pain, in addition to alleviating stress on the knees and hips.