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10 Ways QUICK TAPE® can save you money & deliver satisfied patients

quick tape vs low dye pricing

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Our physician clients say their only regret was not incorporating QUICK TAPE® into their practice sooner. Here’s why clinics around the world are using QUICK TAPE® for foot taping:

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  1. Save valuable practitioner time. Tape one foot in seconds with QUICK TAPE®. Medical assistant training takes only seconds too!
  2. Save even more time and money. Apply QUICK TAPE® once compared to up to 5x for Low Dye taping, and use up to 5x less product with QUICK TAPE® vs. standard athletic tape. No scissors, pads, or extra adhesives needed. Compare costs to see how Quick Tape comes out on top!
  3. Increase profitability. Use billing code 29540 for up to 73% profit margin, plus sell QUICK TAPE® retail packages from your clinic & create additional profits with a 36%-55% margin.
  4. QUICK TAPE® can help relieve foot pain as well as Low Dye with additional clinically-proven benefits:
    • Biomechanically alters dynamic plantar loading
    • Provides significantly greater arch height index, arch/biomechanical support and stabilization than untaped foot
    • Patients prefer QUICK TAPE® comfort over Low Dye
  5. Rapid relief for a variety of foot & lower leg issues, including plantar fasciitis, shin splints, knee or ankle pain, Achilles tendon pain, arthritis, and generalized foot pain.
  6. Each taping lasts longer for your patient. Patients can wear the QUICK TAPE® foot strap in the shower, overnight, and during workouts for up to 7 days.
  7. Safe & effective for children and adults of any age or skin type. QUICK TAPE® is made with hypoallergenic, latex free medical grade adhesive, fits either foot & comes in two sizes.
  8. No mess or clean up. No more worries about ruining your clothes and exam room furniture with adhesive spray.
  9. Enjoy more compliant patients. QUICK TAPE® lasts longer, is easier to apply, and is more comfortable to wear than Low Dye, so patients stick to their taping protocol.
  10. Virtually foolproof application your patients can do at home. The 1-piece, pre-cut QUICK TAPE® design is easy for patients to apply at home between office visits.

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