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    Don from Surprise AZ said:

    I have plantar fasciitis and tried a number of treatments with very little success. Finally I found Quick Tape! Immediate results on the first day. I’m now on 5 days and can walk without thinking about that foot pain all the time.
    Got a ways to go for total healing but you can rest assured it will be with Quick Tape. This is a simple but very successful treatment.

    LRay from Roadrunner said:

    I am a triathlete and I was doing a training race back in October of 2018 when my plantar fasciitis flared up so badly that I couldn’t even put the slightest bit of weight on my foot the next day.  I was on crutches for 10 days.  I was off running for a month.  Slowly, I started stretching and working with my physical therapist, but I was still in pain.  Two months since my injury and nothing was helping so I went back to the doc who gave me a steroid shot.  I felt great for about 3 days, but the pain returned.  My therapist continued A-Stym on me, I advanced to new stretches, and started running on the anti-gravity treadmill due to an upcoming race in March.  However, the pain was not subsiding.  I then googled “plantar fasciitis” and your website popped up.  I was desperate to try anything so I ordered a trial pack. I can’t even tell you what a miracle this stuff is!!  I put it on and my pain was literally gone!!!  My foot even felt better after putting it in my boots with orthotics.  I just ordered a 15 pack so I can be race ready in a few weeks and not let my relay team down.  If you have pain and are a skeptic, I say give this tape a try.  You won’t be disappointed and your foot will be relieved!!

    Janis from Seattle said:

    I was recently on a boat charter trip with friends in the Caribbean.  Toward the end of the trip, I stepped down onto a wet cushion and my foot went right out from under me, resulting in an injury to my knee.  I was wishing I had some KT tape to tape my knee to provide support for my knee, but I did not — however, one of my friends DID have QuickTape with her and we decided to see if it would work.  We applied the “bottom of the foot” portion just below my knee cap and wrapped it around the sides of my leg.  Then we used the “back of the foot” straps (heel tabs) to pull up and around my knee that provided stability and support.  Guess what?  IT WORKED!  I was able to finish the boat trip relatively pain free!  Thank you, QuickTape! 

    Dr. George Evancho, DPM, Virginia said:

    I am a retired podiatrist. My wife had plantar fasciitis. She responded great to the Quick Tape Foot Support Straps in a matter of weeks and remains pain free. Prior to this, I treated her in my traditional manner including 2 steroid shots with no lasting relief. I just developed fasciitis myself after a weekend on a ladder. I put the strap on this AM, already feels better !!! Really great product. Highly recommend!

    Debra said:

    I had been trying to treat my plantar fasciitis for more than 18 months. Physical therapy, ice, night braces, ultrasonic shocks, steroid shots, orthotic inserts – really everything. When the doc applied the strap it was the first thing that had a meaningful impact on the pain. After 2 years of not running, I finally can again – but only when wearing your straps. They are most effective on day one, but I can wear them for 2-3 days as long as I don’t swim too much.
    So, thank you!

    Jennifer F. said:

    I have plantar fasciitis and my doctor had just read about this site.  He had no experience with this particular tape, but suggested I try it.  I sent away for the tape, watched the video, and applied it.  I have to say that I was shocked because the pain instantly went away.  I have used it twice now, worn it for 5 days straight, showered with it and patted it dry.  The relief from the pain did wear off some, understandably, but I was so pleased with it.  A great product that I would highly recommend.  And I am about to buy my next set of Quick Tape.

    Judy from Federal Way, Washington said:

    Plagued with severe heel pain, I dreaded getting out of bed to start each day. The first morning after putting the Quick Tape on, I could walk down my stairs pain free! As an avid walker and pickleball player, I am extremely impressed with not only the absence of pain I have during my activities, but how well the product holds up. Even with all I put the tape through, I only have to change it every 6-7 days. I would (and do) recommend Quick Tape to anyone with any type of foot pain!

    Chad from Minnesota said:

    These things are great! I was feeling relief 20 minutes after putting it on…I would recommend these for anyone with planter fasciitis!

    Ann from Northern California said:

    I just want to reiterate that your straps are the only thing that provide consistent relief for my mid-foot arthritis and very active schedule.  I wear the strap from Friday am – Monday nights (covering my 3 long work out days and my 2 shifts at the bookstore where I stand the whole time and walk to and from).  I take it off Tuesday am – Friday am, and I cannot tell you how much I look forward to putting it back on on Friday ams.  It doesn’t fix my arthritis, but eases the pain.

    Manon from San Francisco said:

    My foot was hurting for a while after a sport injury and it was not easy finding a solution. But the Quick Tape helps so much!
    I was really not convinced when my doctor told me about it… Then the first time I wore Quick Tape, it gave me instant relief!
    Also they have a great customer service. I had some issue on how to put it on at first and they were really helpful and gave me a lot of advice!
    Can’t wait for the skin color to wear with sandals.
    Thank you so much!

    Elizabeth T. said:

    I highly recommend this product! I used this tape for several months to control a vibrating nerve sensation that was cause by an undiagnosed stress fracture in the fifth metatarsal on my left foot. The tape lasts for several days which was great. I definitely recommend this product and am grateful for the relief it brought me.

    Lisa Katzman, PT, MPT said:

    Get Quick Tape from Support The Foot!
    I am a pediatric physical therapist and I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for at least the last ten years. I get physical therapy treatment, see an orthotist regularly, wear specially designed shoes and arch supports, and everything else that was suggested. I continued to have pain in my right foot in spite of everything that I was doing to solve the issue. I take tap and jazz dance class every week, and by the end of class I would limp out with significantly more pain because I really can’t wear orthotics in my dance shoes. One day, my physical therapist suggested that I try a new product that she was testing with some of her clients. I read the instructions and I have to admit that I did not believe that I would get even partial pain relief. After the first time I applied one of the straps, I was surprised when no more than 30 minutes later my pain level decreased. I promptly ordered more so that I could see how it would work if I used them regularly. After I had been using them for about 8 weeks, I suddenly realized that I was starting to have days that were completely pain-free! On another day, I went to dance class pain-free and I was not limping when I left class; although I had some pain the next morning, it resolved within a few minutes of being up on my feet. Amazing! It’s hard to find words to describe what a difference this product has made in my life. I recommend it to everyone that I know, especially people that I know from dance and yoga class.

    Ann C. said:

    I am a satisfied customer; if you look up my order history, this is probably the 3rd 15-pack I’ve ordered and I ordered smaller numbers of them as I was testing them out for my arthritis (mid-foot – 2nd metatarsal/cuneiform deterioration).

    I will likely be wearing these for many years as they truly are the only thing that gives me some relief. I am very active and only 57, so… Thanks! P.S. I’ve turned several friends with plantar fasciitis onto your product! Also, please keep me posted on the development of skin-tone colored straps for use with sandals in the summer!

    Keith said:

    I’ve had trouble with my left foot for years and have tried pretty much everything, including surgery. One thing that helps is taping my foot to support the arch but the process is cumbersome and requires another person to help. My podiatrist suggested the Support The Foot tapes and they help a lot. I can pretty much do everything I want now – walking, biking, etc. And the best part is that they are easy to use and I can put them on by myself. Thanks for this terrific product.

    Sara H said:

    My 11yr old daughter was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis in both feet two years ago. She went to physical therapy and had special inserts in her shoes but the pain never really went away. After using the foot supports religiously for 8 weeks she is pain free! The pain actually went away after the first day! We put them on in the morning before school and when she got home she excitedly told me that her feet did not hurt all day! She really liked the support it gave and said her feet finally felt “straight”. There are no child sizes so we modified the straps to fit her kids size 3 feet. I made a template and she would diligently cut them out and would make me stop everything to put the new ones on every 4 days. These simple straps have made such a difference in her life. Living pain free makes this product worth every penny. Thanks so much!

    Susan E said:

    These are amazing. I was in a car accident a year ago and have issues all up & down by body, including now plantar fasciitis. I was hesitant to try any taping as the only cardio I can do is running in the pool. First time I put them on I immediately felt relief. And to my surprise, they do well in the water, even in the hot tub!

    Jerry said:

    I would highly recommend this product, I have been suffering from foot problems for years and nothing seemed to ever help remedy the pain. This product provides the relief I have been looking for, very happy to have found it! I would recommend this to anyone who is suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.

    Laura Westlund said:

    I have recently been trying these foot support straps and they really really work. I really had my doubts when I first heard about them, because all they are is tape, but believe me I wear them every day ( except when I am going for a pedicure) and they are wonderful ! Thank you

    Andrea Weymiller said:

    I have plantar faciitis, developed from running. I have tried everything, walking boot, sleeping boot, PT, stretching, icing, wearing Dansko shoes, orthotics, taping my foot. The foot strap made by Support The Foot.com is the best support that I have found so far. The best part about the strap is #1 it is EASY to apply, and #2 it lasts 4-5 days, even through sweaty workouts and in the shower!!! I can’t live without these straps, and I am so glad that my podiatrist recommended them. I will continue to use them with my foot pain, and probably beyond just for continued foot support. They are worth trying for any foot problems. Good luck!

    Patty said:

    I tried this for the first time yesterday (7/12). I know it sounds corny, but it is AMAZING. I have an arthritic foot, with a bone spur. I walked at least 2 MILES yesterday with NO PAIN at all. Cant wait to go for a hike! I cannot imagine ever going without this again. Try the sample pack. You will be convinced.

    Debbie said:

    This product is fantastic!! I can’t say enough good about it! It has literally kept my daughter in the game. Her foot had got to the point that she would be literally crying trying to stay on the field. This product provided the support and relief she needed.THANK YOU!

    Tracy said:

    I don’t have Plantar Fasciitis; I have CMT. A form of muscular dystrophy. I met Chris and his family and told my story of years of pain in my feet due to severely high arches, and pain down the sides of my outer calves, caused by weak ankles which put huge strain to the muscles along them. I was told of the foot strap and how it supports and aligns the foot. The first week I tried them, I was simply amazed at how comfortable they were and how well they supported my arch and relieved my foot pain. That support felt like such a relief to my whole foot! And I could not believe how much they actually aligned my foot and released the strain on the outer side of my calves. The tension and tightness was released almost completely. They even helped my balance in walking (ALOT). I have had to wear bulky orthotics in my bulky shoes for years and they are horrible! These foot straps allow me to wear whatever shoe I want! Flip flops (They were off limits), sandals, AWESOME!! So, Not only is this product awesome in curing Plantar Fasciitis, but I have found it has greatly helped relieve my pain and increased my balance with my CMT. If you know of anyone with MS, CMT, MD or RA, Please refer them to this web site! These foot straps could truly be the answer to relieving their pain and increasing their balance! Thank You!

    Lynn Schell said:

    This is an answer not only to alleviate pain it is a CURE! I have suffered through wearing boots at night, paying for special shoe inserts, shots, and numerous appointments. This is a simple application that you can wear with regular Shoes or barefoot. I never thot I could go barefoot again!! NOW I used it for an alternate ailment. I broke a bone in my foot and this stabilized that. I had a boot on for a week and then put the strap on after it was set. Voila!! I am walking and free of pain! I would highly recommend this for any type of foot pain the developers are geniuses!!

    Sharon said:

    I searched the web looking for the right product to help with this problem, decided on these as they look comfortable and could wear them with ANY of my shoes and boots, but do they work?? Yes yes yes !! I had I immediate results, you do not have to change it every day , it’s comfortable,not big and bulky, I recommend any one who suffers with this annoying pain to try these , I can walk now with no more pain, you sport fans get back in the game,these will work for you also :):)

    Michal Beth said:

    You name it ~ I’ve tried it ~and this product truly did the trick! I have a very painful plantar problem and have tried a cortisone shot, creams, foot wraps, acupuncture, elastic foot sock…nothing relieved the pain totally like this foot strap. I felt relief instantly and completely. I walked 12 miles last weekend with absolutely NO PAIN. Thank you!!

    Cinda Szurick said:

    Saved from having yet another cortisone shot and possibly surgery! Been struggling with Plantar Fasciitis for a number of years and after a recent trip to Greece and endless hours of walking, I had finally done these feet of mine in! Was put in a boot, was wearing a velcro strap in bed, icing three times a day and doing a variety of foot excercises. All, to no avail!! Tried as a last resort before cortisone and possibly surgery, these fantastic foot straps and now just three months later I am able to apply only as needed (when I go to the gym and when I know I will be on my feet for hours at a time). So easy to apply and so affordable. Many, many thanks for giving me my active life back :))

    Jan said:

    I am 83 and love to walk, but have developed arthritis on the top of one foot, causing severe pain and swelling I could not walk without limping from the pain. I am now using the foot support strap, which seems to keep my foot aligned so that the pain is relieved. I would highly recommend trying these straps for any type of foot pain. They are amazing and I am so thankful that I found out about them.

    Scott Milam said:

    I’ve been trial testing the larger sized straps because I wear size 13 and this strap has provided incredible relief to the near-constant pain I have during and after athletic competition. I’ve already placed a large order for when the first shipment comes in. I’ve used other products…the boot at night (which sucked and was very painful) and the velcrow strap to use during the day (which simply doesn’t work)…and nothing has even come close to the convenience, simplicity, and results provided from this strap. Thanks for producing something that finally works!

    Michele Donah said:

    I thought that I would never find anything to help take the pain away from my feet. I suffer from RA and when I tried the straps the first time, I was amazed how fast they work in taking the pain away. I knew I was going to be on my feet all day and worried about it, but putting the straps on, I could of danced all night. Thank you!!!!

    Dave G said:

    Your product is awesome! I’ve had plantar fasciitis for about 5 years. I have not found anything that has helped until I found your Foot Support Strap. I can now perform my normal daily functions without the pain in my foot. Thank you!