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Q. Why Is QuickTape Worth the Investment?

At first glance, Quick Tape® may seem expensive. But when you look at the facts, it costs no more than traditional taping, it’s quicker to apply, and it can help you become pain-free much faster. 

First, the standard “roll of tape” taping method requires a lot of supplies:

  • 10 to 12 or more pieces of tape of different widths
  • Spray adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Up to 20 minutes of your time every single day
  • Learning how to cut the tape and tape your foot properly

Using roll tape, you will receive approximately 1 to 1.5 days worth of support (if you’re lucky) before the tape comes off and becomes useless, risking more stretching in the fascia tendon that means starting the healing process over again.

With Quick Tape®, you only need:

  • 1 self-adhesive Quick Tape® foot support strap 
  • Less than 1 minute of your time every 5 to 7 days

Quick Tape® is a “pre-built,” 1-piece tape that takes under one minute to apply the very first time you use it. When you get really good at it, it takes just seconds to apply. No need to purchase skin adhesive or use scissors.

Second, plain rolls of tape are cheaper to manufacture—but require you to learn how to cut and arrange each piece and do it day after day. Each Quick Tape® strap is individually cut from durable hypoallergenic, latex-free skin adhesive paired with the best quality non-stretch, quick-dry fabric and is pre-shaped to fit either foot. This is more expensive to make, but the extra up-front cost is quickly made up for in time savings and superior support.

Finally, Quick Tape® is more comfortable and durable than standard taping, yet equally effective. Not only does Quick Tape® ensure the right taping job every time, Temple University studies have proven Quick Tape® raises and supports the foot arch as well as standard taping, but lasts longer and is more comfortable.

Quick Tape® lasts up to a week depending upon your body type and activity level, can be worn in the shower, can be worn barefoot or with ANY footwear, compression socks and/or orthotics, and helps with many types of foot pain. If worn 24/7 for 6 to 8 weeks, it will do the best job at helping to heal your plantar fasciitis.

The bottom line: you’ll need to buy several rolls of different widths of non-stretch athletic tape and tape up to 5 times to do the same job as ONE Quick Tape® strap. Dollar for dollar, the cost of supplies may be about the same, so it comes down to the value of your time and how quickly you wish to be pain-free. With Quick Tape®, taking just one minute every 5 days or so can help you become pain-free in just a few weeks. With traditional taping, you’re looking at a daily task of taping and likely a much longer recovery.

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