Arch Support

The arch of the foot is the curve that starts at the ball of the foot and extends to the heel. Ideally, both arches should match so that the body is balanced as you walk. Sometimes the arch of the foot can fall flat or change shape over time, causing pain throughout the foot.

Arch support for flat feet is very important. Special shoes, insoles, arch support slippers, and even arch support sandals can relieve pain. Arch support for plantar fasciitis is essential. Plantar fascia are the bands of tissue that connect the heel bone to the toes. Plantar fasciitis occurs when those bands become inflamed or torn and is often extremely painful.

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How to Support Your Arches

There are several ways to supply arch support for fallen arches and plantar fasciitis. Arch support kinesthetic tape is one approach to helping correct poor alignment. A problem with arch support therapeutic tape is that it is often very time consuming to apply and will need to be reapplied daily.

QUICK TAPE® is an easy-to-use taping alternative that is simple to apply and very cost-effective. QUICK TAPE® support straps provide arch support all day and night, while allowing your foot to move when it needs to.