Relief for Flat Feet

Having flat feet is an uncomfortable condition that can arise at any age. If the entire sole of your foot touches the ground when you stand up straight, you likely have flat feet. Pain often occurs in the heel or arch area and can be accompanied by swollen ankles.

Flat feet in children is not uncommon, since babies develop arched feet over time. Arches should form during childhood, although flat feet pain can develop at any time—even well into adulthood.

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Relieving Pain from Flat Feet

There are several ways to combat flat feet, including massage, specialized shoes, and corrective surgery. Flat feet exercises can be helpful, but are also time consuming. Sometimes even insoles, shoe inserts, or orthotics designed for flat feet aren’t always effective to relieve the pain caused by flat feet. Flat feet arch support often isn’t enough to truly cure flat feet.

There is a new way to approach flat feet treatment and pain relief. The QUICK TAPE® foot support strap is an alternative to kinesiology tape that is just as effective and much easier to use than traditional taping methods. It takes the tension off the arch area and supports the entire foot throughout the day and night.

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