Foot Pain for Athletes

Is chronic foot pain or foot ailments inhibiting your ability to exercise or play the sports you love? Because of the high amount of stress that is placed on the foot during athletics, there are a number of conditions that iStock_000014475427_Webare most common among those with an active lifestyle.

Luckily, our QUICK TAPE® foot support strap can help alleviate many of these conditions and allow you to enjoy the things you love doing most.

“This product is fantastic!! I can’t say enough good about it! It has literally kept my daughter in the game. Her foot had got to the point that she would be literally crying trying to stay on the field. This product provided the support and relief she needed.THANK YOU!”Debbie

How Can the Strap Help Athletes?

By assisting with alignment, providing constant support for the arch and keeping the pad of the foot and heal together during movement, the QUICK TAPE® support strap can drastically reduce foot discomfort and help prevent further injury while being active. Learn more about the foot conditions and ailments QUICK TAPE® can relieve:

Why Choose QUICK TAPE® Foot Support Straps?

QUICK TAPE® is an easy-to-use alternative for inconvenient and time-consuming foot taping. Our product custom fits to the shape of your foot and will provide arch support and proper foot alignment during all of your activities. By “binding” and supporting your feet in this way, you’ll take tension off the fascia and arch, instantly relieving pain. QUICK TAPE® support straps can significantly or even totally relieve foot pain, in addition to alleviating stress on the knees and hips from improper alignment.