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Not Yet “Old” But Feeling Body Aches & Pains? Top Reasons You Feel Achy + Ideas that Can Help

cause of body aches and how to treat pain

Aches and pains happen. Maybe someone your dad’s age can chalk it up to getting older, but you’re still in the prime of your life. So, what gives? While it is most likely something minor and treatable, there are many culprits that could be behind unexplained pain.

If you’ve ever asked yourself “what is causing my body aches?”, read on. This post from Runner’s World tackled some of the most common causes for body aches and offers ideas for what you can do about it. We wanted to share the three that stood out most to our Support the Foot team.

Are you getting sick?

Plenty of illnesses can leave you feeling terrible all over. If you have body aches paired with a fever, it could be the common cold, or worse, the flu. Additionally, chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, and Mono can all result in pain and weakness that can be hard to pinpoint.

How to fix it:

If you’re feeling off, it could be as easy to fix as taking a few days off to rest while managing symptoms with over-the-counter medicine until the bug subsides. If your aches and pains have been going on a while, you are running a fever, or your day-to-day routine is suffering, see your doctor. There’s no substitute for a professional examination and diagnosis to ensure you are treating your issue appropriately.

Are you taking care of yourself in general?

All-you-can-eat buffets, 48-ounce big gulps, 60+ hour work weeks—Americans tend to overdo it. Extra pounds from super-sized meals can certainly worsen joint pain, but overdoing it also can lead to an excess of stress. Chronic stress can cause you to hold tension in certain areas of the body as well as increase levels of inflammation, leading to muscle deterioration, pain, and fatigue. Luckily, there are plenty of resources available to help you learn to chill out.

How to fix it:

Start with small but meaningful changes. First, prioritize sleep. Most people need at least 7 hours of quality sleep each night to fully renew their brain and body functions. Also, drink plenty of non-sugary fluids (water is best, herbal tea and fresh squeezed juice are good, too), and eat a healthy, minimally processed diet. Take relaxation to the next level by scheduling yourself a little “me time”: take up yoga, get a massage, or try meditation.

Are you training hard and neglecting “maintenance” work?

Repetitive movements, overuse, and training too hard are all reasons you could be developing pain in a certain area. This is particularly true for athletes and certain professionals. Using the same motions and muscles, particularly coupled with poor posture, can result in chronic, sometimes debilitating pain. Many of us make matters worse by neglecting maintenance work such as stretching and strength training to reinforce our bodies against wear and tear.

How to fix it:

Consider seeing a physical therapist, podiatrist, or other specialist could help you find the source of the problem before it becomes more serious. There are plenty of effective, non-surgical options out there, but seeking professional help is the first step to finding the right solution for your needs.

Case in point: like many young athletes, Support the Foot started after our founder’s son Chris complained of terrible foot pain at a very young age. It was so bad that it would take 10 minutes to be able to walk on most days. The pain would radiate to his hips and legs, greatly impacting his ability to play sports. Perplexed as to why, the family began to look for remedies. They saw a podiatrist, who diagnosed severe plantar fasciitis and recommended a simple solution that turned out to be extremely effective: foot taping. They figured out how to streamline the taping process using one piece of tape, and that is how the QUICK TAPE® support strap was born.

Are you experiencing foot discomfort?

One of our main tips for people who suffer from back pain or runners with chronic foot pain is to pay attention to their feet. QUICK TAPE® support straps are a great way to help with discomfort for some of the most common conditions athletes experience, such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, sprained ankles, and achilles tendonitis. This simple tape supports the arch, aligns the foot to relieve pressure, and can be applied easily at home.

Final word: if you’re in pain, take action

If you’re in pain, don’t wait to find help. Often you can find a solution that doesn’t involve risky pain medications. Find a doctor near you to discuss options or, if the root of the problem is clear and you may be able to correct it on your own, try a reputable product that is known to help.

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