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Tracy from Idaho

I don’t have Plantar Fasciitis; I have CMT. A form of muscular dystrophy. I met Chris and his family and told my story of years of pain in my feet due to severely high arches, and pain down the sides of my outer calves, caused by weak ankles which put huge strain to the muscles along them. I was told of the foot strap and how it supports and aligns the foot. The first week I tried them, I was simply amazed at how comfortable they were and how well they supported my arch and relieved my foot pain. That support felt like such a relief to my whole foot! And I could not believe how much they actually aligned my foot and released the strain on the outer side of my calves. The tension and tightness was released almost completely. They even helped my balance in walking (ALOT). I have had to wear bulky orthotics in my bulky shoes for years and they are horrible! These foot straps allow me to wear whatever shoe I want! Flip flops (They were off limits), sandals, AWESOME!! So, Not only is this product awesome in curing Plantar Fasciitis, but I have found it has greatly helped relieve my pain and increased my balance with my CMT. If you know of anyone with MS, CMT, MD or RA, Please refer them to this web site! These foot straps could truly be the answer to relieving their pain and increasing their balance! Thank You!

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