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If you are a skeptic, give this tape a try! You won’t be disappointed!

I am a triathlete and I was doing a training race back in October of 2018 when my plantar fasciitis flared up so badly that I couldn’t even put the slightest bit of weight on my foot the next day.  I was on crutches for 10 days.  I was off running for a month.  Slowly, I started stretching and working with my physical therapist, but I was still in pain.  Two months since my injury and nothing was helping so I went back to the doc who gave me a steroid shot.  I felt great for about 3 days, but the pain returned.  My therapist continued A-Stym on me, I advanced to new stretches, and started running on the anti-gravity treadmill due to an upcoming race in March.  However, the pain was not subsiding.  I then googled “plantar fasciitis” and your website popped up.  I was desperate to try anything so I ordered a trial pack. I can’t even tell you what a miracle this stuff is!!  I put it on and my pain was literally gone!!!  My foot even felt better after putting it in my boots with orthotics.  I just ordered a 15 pack so I can be race ready in a few weeks and not let my relay team down.  If you have pain and are a skeptic, I say give this tape a try.  You won’t be disappointed and your foot will be relieved!!

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