Treating Foot Overpronation

Foot overpronation is a relatively common condition, particularly among runners—and it can create a chain reaction of pain that impacts your daily quality of life and ability to do the things that bring you joy. If you’re experiencing discomfort in your foot and ankle, leg and knee, and lower back, particularly after walking or exercising, there’s a chance that your feet are overpronating.

What is foot pronation?

When you walk or run, your feet have a big job: they absorb the “shock” of the impact so that your ankles and legs are protected and you’re able to follow through with your step comfortably. Pronation is what facilitates this process and is a normal part of movement. 

When your heel hits the ground, the outside edge locks. This is called supination, and it’s how your body deals with the shockwave of the step. As you step, your foot rolls slightly inward as your heel moves out, which unlocks the heel, or “pronates.” Essentially, your body weight is being transferred from your heel to your forefoot. Your feet also pronate when you’re standing. Your arches flatten and your feet roll a bit inward to better support your body.

Issues arise when you overpronate, or your feet roll too far inward as you walk or stand. This happens when the foot arch collapses, flattening the foot and allowing the stress of the impact to travel up the ankle and into the leg. 

While symptoms may not arise right away, and some never experience discomfort at all, overpronation of the foot can lead to extreme discomfort and difficulty walking. Foot overpronation is not technically considered an injury, but it can make sufferers more susceptible to injury and other conditions like plantar fasciitis and bunions. 

How do you fix foot overpronation?

It’s important to take into account the advice of your podiatrist before attempting any at-home treatment. Generally, shoes or inserts that support the arch are recommended for those with less severe cases. 

Foot taping can also provide relief from symptoms and help correct overpronation by supporting the arch of the foot and disallowing your foot from rolling too far inward. The QUICK TAPE® foot support strap takes the guessing out of foot taping with a quick, easy application and a pre-cut form that lasts for days—and it can provide significantly greater arch height index while standing to relieve discomfort. Contact us today to see if QUICK TAPE® is right for you!